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The Class of 1998 boasted one of KGS' best soccer teams ever. Filled with superb athletes, the team was spearheaded by captain and Headboy Adnan Ozair, vice-captain and NHC-99 Asim Sufi, 1997 Victor Ahmed Salahuddin, Streeton soccer team captain Amyn Furniturewalla, 1998 Victor and SHC 1998 Ayaz Abdulla, and KGS Cricket team captain for 1998 Fayez Asar.

In 1997, the KGS team destroyed all opposition at the Nike Premier Cup held at the Defence Football Stadium. the tournament began on the 18th of February, and our opposition included the City School, the Lyceum, St. Michael's and St. Patrick's High School.

This was one of the most eagerly anticipated and well-supported events of the year, with large crowds attending each match. The Grammarians ended up winning the event with only one goal being scored against them, and after a long time we saw KGS school spirit rise above all else. The Nike Premier Cup set the stage for KGS soccer in 1998, as was displayed by the closely contested Inter-house tournament. Napier, demonstrating a solid attacking line managed to win the inter-house tournament, with Streeton and Frere following. But the real highlight of KGS' soccer year was the match against held in celebration of the 150th year against Avicenna.

The match was once again held at the now-famous DHA Football Stadium, but there was a poor crowd showing at the start - that may have been because there was a Lyceum/KGS girl's Throwball match scheduled at the same time.

Regardless, the match began at 3:30pm, with KGS dominating the possessions. KGS Captain Adnan Ozair wasted no time in exposing the weak Avicenna defence, scoring a hat-trick in the first half alone. The KGS supporters drifted in after the first half, fresh from watching a victory in the throwball match. The pattern of the match did not change, however, and with tremendous handling and finishing from the Amyn/Asim/Adnan combination, the Grammarians were up 5 nil, Adnan scoring the next 2 goals as well. At this point, the Avicenna crowd displayed their disappointment (and immaturity) by throwing stones and bottles on to the field. In the mould of a Pakistan/India cricket match, the referees suspended the match and a short interval was taken.

When play resumed, Adnan finished his second hat-trick of the match, and KGS prevailed 6-0. Special mention must be made of Amyn Furniturewalla, Asim Sufi, and Afaan Naqvi, who played extremely well to keep the pressure on the Avicenna defence. Also, Salman Butt deserves special mention as goalie for not letting a single goal go through for Avicenna. This may have had something to do with the fact that the ball spent most of its time in the Avicenna goal.

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