KGS - Last Day of School
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... At eleven o'clock, our show began. It was the result of a fe days of hectic preparation and and we all felt as if it was the performance of our lives.

The show began with the Class of '98's version of the typical school day commencing in the boy's bathroom. Assembly followed with Kumail Colombowala really enjoying his one opportunity to strut around in the red gown and Faraz Arif doing an absolutely brilliant imitation of Mr. Pullan.

Faraz Arif... I mean Mr. Pullan... I mean...

Other "attractions" of the day included the Spice Boys (Aneeq, Shayan, Adrian, Rocky and Omar A), Tornadoz, Mr. Khalilullah (Omar Ahmad), Mr. Bhaimeah (Ayaz Abdulla), Janay Jana, Deewanay, the prefects - Men in Black and Mr. Jafri (Faraz Arif).

Cross dressing really seemed to be the thing to do this year as the Spice Boys had to compete with Adnan Ozair's beevis - chhoti, moti, lambi, gori, kali, played by Omer I, Kumail, Danny, Zulfi Shah, and Adrian respectively, as they danced up a storm to Meray Angnay Mein.

The show ended on a serene note, with Jahanzeb Sherwani, Eraj Kamal and Aamir Alavi playing Junoon's Kyoon Pareshaan hai tu and Khwaab, Bryan Adams' Summer of 69 and U2's All I Want is You.

1997/98 had been a year with too many ups and downs, too many bad feelings and too much discontent. Our Last Day, the 15th of April, fixed all that; everyone left happy and content, satisfied w/ an amazing farewell.

- Huma Yusuf, Head Girl 97/98.