KGS - Class of 1998 - Last Day of School
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Class of 98 - Last Day of School

It was four o'clock. Mr. Pullan was politely asking us to leave and we couldn't stop hugging each other. There were no tears though. I don't think the realization had struck anyone that is was the end of our fourteen-year (or seven-year, or two-year) school careers. Plastered with rang, the familiar grey and white transformed into disgusting shades of green, pink and yellow. The Class of '98 left school satisfied and convinced, like very other class before it, that theirs had been the best "last day" ever.

The excitement had begun in the morning when everyone made it to school crammed in the back of a truck (rather than the done-to-death victorias and rickshaws) that was aptly decorated with pink, blue and white baloons, an Avaraaz banner, and another banner that defiantly proclaimed "Class of 1998 Forever". Our truck made it slowly through Saddar as we yelled out the School Song, waved crazily to Mrs. Mujahid (who very kindly waved back) and managed to cause a major traffiz jam that made all the other Grammarians late for school!

Last Entrance for the Class of 1998