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Class of 1998 | History

The Karachi Grammar School was initiated in 1847 (November 1) as a school for the (pre-partitioned) Indian and British youth. The British capital at that time was in Bombay, but even then, Karachi was a major commercial center for trade to both sides of the sub-continent. The Karachi Grammar School was the second school to be founded in Sindh, first inhabiting the current location of the Methodist Church in Karachi. In 1854, the necessity of a larger school was realized and the school was built at the current Principal's residence. Oddly enough though, it was called 'The Karachi European and Indo-European School'.

The present Senior School structure was proposed to cost Rs. 40,000. It was formally opened in1875. Although the School was oficially opened on November 1, for some strange reason we celebrate Founder's Day on November 5.

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