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About KGS

The Karachi Grammar School was founded in November, 1847. It currently has two branches, one for the Senior Section in Saddar and the other for the Kindergarten and Junior Sections in Clifton.

The applications process to get into KGS is an extremely competitive one, and with several hundred capable applicants every year, it seems unfair that KGS has to reject such a high percentage of them. Although the building of the Clifton campus allowed for the growth of the class sections from three to four to (currently) five, the demand for spaces far exceeds the seats available. It follows, that this is part of the reason that this school is held in such high esteem with administrations, deans and colleges all around the world.

Graduates of the Karachi Grammar School attend the best institutions of higher learning in the world. Every year, a high percentage of students go abroad to highly ranked colleges such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton and MIT, simply because their high academic and extra-curricular standards have earned them places at these great institutions. Besides going abroad, a great number of students attend LUMS, Aga Khan Uiversity hospital, National College of Arts, IBA, ICAP and the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Pakistan.

The new Clifton campus was founded to compensate for the overwhelming numbers of students that the school started accepting in the early 90's. There were now to be 5 sections, the usual 'K', 'G' & 'S', as well as additional 'T' & 'L' sections. It was time to realize the dream of having a separate homeland - uhh... I mean campus for the lower classes. So the new campus was built in a quick 4 years and continues to thrive as Karachi's best primary school unit.

The Saddar Campus Building

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